Westmeath Examiner- Sarah Pacini at Cocoon

Last week I headed to Cocoon in Mullingar to check out the S/S14 range from Sarah Pacini for the Westmeath Examiner.
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An established international brand of over 20 years, Sarah Pacini presents a highly anticipated collection of clothing each year in leading department stores across Ireland and Cocoon is firmly included in this revered list of stockists, in fact they are the only stockist of Sarah Pacini in Westmeath. Cocoon has long brought far away brands to our very door step, some of which include Sandwich, Part Two, In Wear and the much coveted Salsa jeans- a firm favourite amongst celebrities including Glenda Gilson, Angela Scanlon and Camilla Belle- which were originally exclusive to BT2, such is the prestige of Cocoon’s choice of clothing collections.
This Italian made collection prides itself on combining art, design and fashion to produce a contemporary femininity in the form of knitwear and prêt-a-porter. Keeping in line with the brand’s ethos that “fashion is an art”, Sarah Pacini also pays particular attention to the colour palette of their clothes. The warm neutral hues that are seen in their Spring/Summer 2014 collection pay homage to the artistic background on which this brand is built. In fact, one might go so far as to say that the timeless colour scheme of Pacini is one of the more noticeable features of the brand.
The chosen looks for this particular feature showcase different shades of grey, black and blue. The first outfit (Photo 1) is made up of a maxi length skirt with a white t-shirt and a wrap cardigan. Together, each item works brilliantly but they can be just as effective when worn separately. This cardigan can be wrapped across the front, as shown in the photo, or it can hang loose in an equally flattering waterfall effect.
The second outfit that Cocoon styled (Photo 2) really creates the capsule Sarah Pacini look: lots of layering with pieces that are cleverly cut and designed for such styling. The pants, tops, jacket and scarf are similar in colour but they avoid blending into one another because of the talented tailoring of the short jacket and the peeping hemline of the long top. It is also worth noting the brilliant mix of textures in these looks, which adds depth to the overall outfit. That and of course the delicate details such as the little fastener on this jacket which defines your waist and structures the entire look.
This season has seen a resurgence of jumpsuits and playsuits and I for one am delighted at the prospect! This one-piece wonder (Photo 3) is a great investment to have in your wardrobe. The red carpet is flooded with jumpsuits as alternatives to the typical gown nowadays and it’s no wonder why. This black Sarah Pacini jumpsuit oozes sophistication. Cocoon teamed it with simple black heels and a statement neckpiece to optimise the shape of the neckline. The zip detail on the front is very flattering as it draws the eye line down rather than across and the bottom half of the jumpsuit compliments the top half perfectly with drawstrings to cinch in the waist.
The final look (Photo 4) is another great demonstration of how the Sarah Pacini pieces can be worn individually or collectively. These grey leggings and tunic top can be worn again and again with various other tops and bottoms respectively. Alternatively, it is just as easy to throw on this gorgeous coat for an added layer of warmth or even one of their scarves as seen in Photo 2 to keep the spring chill at bay.
The looks pictured here are just a small example of the extensive collection of Sarah Pacini available right now in Cocoon.
For more info visit www.cocoonfashion.ie or pop in store to Donna at Cocoon, Pearse St, Mullingar to view any of the above mentioned brands in person and also have a peep at the new Sorgenfri- SyIt collection which is launching for the first time in Ireland!

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